Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 7 - ''Tis the Season" *puts pumpkin spice on everything* - 10/17/2016


This week was great. I had a lot of new experiences and learned a lot.

Weather update: Utah has weird bipolar weather. Its fairly warm one day and then you wake up the next day and its super windy and raining. Woke up this morning and it was pouring and 42 degrees. My companion still doesn't believe that I am from California because apparently she is freezing all the time and I am not even wearing a jacket haha but it is absolutely beautiful here! There are so many pretty trees with changing leaves. Its so awesome to experience an actual fall for once. 

Sooooo fun fact (because I always love fun facts!)- A big part of missionary work in some parts of the world is going out and knocking on doors, we call it tracting. In Utah people normally think that missionaries wouldn't do that because there are already a ton of Mormons but to my surprise, last week, our mission president told us that we need to go and tract for 2 hours each day except on Sundays and our P-days. Utah hasn't been tracted for 6 years! I actually love it a lot! We have had a lot of rejection and people are just not that excited to see us on our door step but I just love when I get to talk to a bunch of people. 

Sister Jensen and I on exchanges
Last Monday we went to FHE for one of our wards and it was Halloween themed. We were super excited! Plus it's going to be my first holiday in the field. They had some fun games and a photo booth so of course my companion and I spent sometime there taking pictures. Its so fun being in a YSA ward because we just hangout with people are own age. A good portion of them are returned missionaries so they totally understand what we go through on a daily basis. On Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator Stephen and taught about prophets and the priesthood. Studying for this lesson was really cool because I feel like I learned so much. God is a god of love (1 John 4:16). He always has and He always will be. One way that He shows His love for us is through the guidance He gives us by a prophet. Just as in the Old and New Testaments, prophets were called so that the people could have a mediator between God and man, so why wouldn't He still have this pattern today if He is loving and never changing? 

Heavenly Father will always speak to us in way that we will understand and He will always speak to us because He is a God of love and guidance. This week we taught our investigator Stephen and he was having a hard time understanding why we even need a prophet on the earth today. We need one because we need someone that can help direct us for our day with the specific trials that we face on the earth today and one way that He can help us with this is speaking in ways that we will understand. I just love it so much!! Moroni 9:9-11 talks about how God is the same and if he is the same then miracles have not ceased in our day. 

Us and our friend Adrianna at the Halloween FHE
Anyways so back onto my week. Thursday we had exchanges which means that I got to be with another Sister Missionary for 24 hours. The purpose of this is to learn from each other and find different ways that we can improve on our strengths and weaknesses. Sister Jensen, my exchange companion, had to go to the dentist that morning so we took a trip up to Bountiful for that and then went out to do some work. I was terrified being the companion in charge of the area since, Sister Gibb was put in Sister Jensen's area, but nothing crashed and burned nor did anything go wrong. It was miracle!! We actually had a lot of miracles happen for our area that day and it was cool to see the blessings God was giving us. Nothing to exciting happened Friday or Saturday. As always I love Sundays!! Its such an important day of the week and although 7 hours of church is very long, I always feel renewed and ready for the upcoming week. What did you all do this Sunday? I hope you were able to take sometime out of your day and look back at all the good things and blessings that you have been given. 

I love you all so much and pray for you each day! Hope all is going well!

Much Love, 

Sister McCammon

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