Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 40 - When you try to do a good deed.... 6/12/2017

As always this week has just flown by. So much happens everyday!

Utah still amazes me with its wacky weather! The beginning of last
week it was so hot. About in the 90's and then today it's super windy,
drizzling and about 70 degrees. It still amazes me but I love Utah!

There have been so many people this past week who have actually listen
to us. Many are interested beyond our short getting to know them and
sharing a quick message in the street but this week was just so
awesome. We had so many days, where at the end of the day we were all
just so amazed at how great the day was.

Sister Deem lost her voice this week. And when I say lost, she really
did lose it. She could barely even say a whole sentence without her
voice completely shutting off. She was a trooper though and still
tried her best to talk to everyone we saw.

One day we were biking and we saw this man and women sitting on the
grass near the sidewalk. We slowed down to stop to these people but
just were completely ignoring us. They were to excited to see us I
guess but right as we are about to leave they hand us chicken tenders
and potato wedges from the grocery store just down the street. We told
them it's okay but they insisted we take it so we did. We were going
to visit Ken and Jessica afterwards and we had no clue what we were
going to do with this food that we had. But then we were thinking we
could just give it to Ken! So we go and knock on there door to see if
we could have a lesson with them. They were busy but said we could
come back later (which is awesome!) and we offered the him the food.
He looks at me and asks, "Is it Chicken?" And I say, "yes" and then he
says, "I'll take it". The way he hesitantly took it was pretty fun but
they really appreciated the food so we were happy. We also found out
that Ken rap battles! It was a little random but the coolest thing to
find out.

Friday we had Zone training meeting which is always so uplifting. Most
of it was centered on the scriptures and how we can better study and
apply them in our missionary work. The time I have been on my mission
has really helped me to learn more about the scriptures and to develop
a true appreciation for them. When I read and study them everyday I
feel closer and more appreciative for the many blessings that Heavenly
Father has given to me.

Saturday we had breakfast with the Stake President. He invited all of
the missionaries in the Stake to his home for breakfast and so he
could get to know all of us. There are currently 16 missionaries in
our Stake, which is really rare for Utah. After we finished breakfast
we went and did some studies and for the morning before we headed out
to West Valley for a Relief Society activity in the deaf ward. It was
really fun to get to talk with some more of the women in the Deaf Ward
and have a picnic with them.

Later during Saturday after noon we were back at the church building
for some more studying in a program called 12 weeks for all the new
missionaries. Members of the ward had cleaned the building that
morning and someone left their phone. We looked and it was a member
that lived in a Retirement home right next to the church building.
Before our next appointment we thought we'd go drop it off. We go over
there and get let in by someone in the lobby and start to take the
elevator up to the 2nd floor. Well, we didn't quite make it to the 2nd
floor because the elevator stopped and were stuck, it was quite and
adventure! We were only stuck for about 10 minutes and then it started
working again. We tried to do a good deed and got stuck in the
elevator instead.

Sunday had some amazing talks and lessons in all of our wards. One
that really stood out to me was given by the bishop in the University
Ward. He suggested 3 ways that we can be more active in our spiritual
1. Ponder and pray
2. Make changes and experience the difference
3. Record the experience and feelings for the future

I strive to constantly improve my spiritual life. I strive to become
closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that as we ponder and pray
and experience change in our lives we can find and gain knowledge that
we may not have know before. I have not been the best at journaling. I
am actually quite terrible at it and I always have been but I want my
future family to be able to look back on some of the spiritual
experiences that I have had throughout my life, including my mission.
My goal to be better at journaling. And I really want to try my best.
Bishop also said, "save them and return to them". Try journaling
yourself and write down the experiences that you have had and see the
difference that it makes in your spiritual life.

I can't wait to see what this week has in store!

Love Sister McCammon

Our feast for dinner. There was so much delicious food.

Quilting with Elder Lashlee. He is quite the character and very flexible for his age and you can tell from this picture.

Sister Shaveko! We love her so much!

Sisters in the Cannon Zone

Stuck in the elevator!

Week 39 - Wait when did June get here?! - 6/5/2017

WOW this week was totally wicked!!! There's too much to even talk about.

Last week for Zone Pday we did this thing called Bubble balls. You get
into these giants bubbles with just your feet hanging out and then you
run into each other. It sounds a little ridiculous but it was actually
tons of fun. What's a better way for missionaries to relax and enjoy
the day than running into each other without hurting on another.

We stopped by Ken and Jessica's, and they let us in and we had the most
amazing lesson ever!! They are both so humbled, after Jessica's heart
attack last week. We talked about eternal families (they aren't married
yet) and the Plan of Happiness that God has for them. They had good
questions and the Spirit was super strong. We invited them to be baptized
and they said yes! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with

We tracted a lot in our new Ward this week, met some very interesting
people. But also met tons of people who want to take lessons!! They're
college age though, so we had to refer them to the YSA missionaries. I
guess that's what happens when we serve right next to the University of
Utah campus.

One of the people we met was named Victor, and we had a good conversation
about the Book of Mormon, and finding true happiness. We walked by him
again later, and he held the Book of Mormon up to his friends and said
"look!! They gave me my own Book of Mormon!!" Haha he was so excited to
read it

One of our companionship goals this week was to talk to EVERYONE we see.
Literally every single person we see. Sometimes it's super awkward (like
when we interrupted a flirt fest to testify of Christ, which turned out
great because she was stoked to get her very own Book of Mormon), but we
honestly saw so many miracles!! I've NEVER had so many people listen to the
message we shared. Including a pastor of a church we walk by all the time!

Funny story- we were riding our bicycles, and we stopped to talk to some
people on their porch. She was like "SISTERS!!! Do you want to come in?? Do
you need water??" Which I did need some water, so we said yes. But plot
twist, it wasn't a home, it was apparently a Hindu temple! She asked us to
take our shoes off before entering, so we did. We went inside, and it was
beautiful! There were pictures of Gurus everywhere, with drums, and banners
and colorful things. It was interesting, and the woman who let us in used
to be lds, so she told her Hindu monk friend all about what we do. We
listened to what they believe, then the monk asked what we believe. We took
the golden opportunity to share the restoration, including the first vision
of Joseph Smith. The spirit was there and the monk and the lady appreciated
listening. Then they fed us some Hindu treats made from chickpea flour and

And then the COOLEST THIG EVER HAPPENED. On Sunday Emma (the one
leaving on her mission to Rome) had her mission farewell. A lot of her
family was coming and and by the time Sacrament meeting started our
chapel was the fullest I had ever seen. But the best part was when her
uncle go there who just happened to be Elder Neil A. Anderson of the
quorum of the twelve apostles!! Yup that's right. An apostle was in my
wards Sacrament meeting. He even came over and shook our hands.
Enforce the meeting started. It was a pretty cool experience.

I love you all! Hope you all had a great week!

Love Sister McCammon

All the sisters in the zine!

The trio in our bubbles!

Biking on the U Campus!

Zone Conference this week with my companions!

This is a home of one of our members. It may look small in picture form but trust me it's not.

There some old mansions that have been turned into apartment complexes but they are absolutely beautiful homes.

We love Elder and Sister Hebron!

Weekly planning... we have to stay focused some how.

The cold has now left and the heat is here. Melting while tracting

This is one of our church buildings. It looks so different than any other LDS church. But yes it is an LDS church building.

Sister Deem's bag officially has been replaced by a new bad that is not held together by one string. Haha

Week 36 - Happy (belated) Mother Day - 5/15/2017

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I got to FaceTime with my Mom and Dad.
It was so awesome to be able to hear their voice. I do miss them a lot
but I'm definitely not ready to leave my mission I love it here way to

Thank you to my mom and all the motherly figure in my life. I am so
thankful and grateful for the amazing influences I have in my life and
even the relationships I have made with women on my mission, including
my mission mom, Sister Spendlove.

So fun fact! I don't know if it's really a fact or not but last week
during Fast Sunday I got up no signed my testimony in the deaf ward
and then this Sunday I signed an entire Sacrament meeting talk. It
wasn't that great and I made a lot of mistakes, like accidentally
saying I went to college for 6 years before my mission instead of 3,
but hey it happens. I'm still learning and loving it more and more
each and everyday. Next week is transfers and I just hope I get to
stay here for a little longer.

This week was full of adventures and wacky weather. There was a lot of
biking and warm weather and then the weather decided to get a little
chilly be the weird weather that Utah always has.

Here are just a few highlights from the week:
After our Zone hike last Monday, more like rock climbing, I was so
sore. It hurt to walk and just do everything but I made it through and
it wasn't too bad. Wednesday we went and did service at my favorite
place ever, the LDS Humanitarian center. You just get to sit there and
quilt and I love it. I feel like a grandma a little but I have no
problem with that. Friday we had district meeting in the morning and
we were so excited for the afternoon because we had 3 lessons
scheduled. But just like missionary work goes sometimes, all 3
cancelled. Sister Deem and I have been praying and seeking for the
opportunity to invite someone to learn more about Jesus Christ and we
haven't found anyone. We're continue to pray and seek guidance but for
now we're back out looking. Friday e had dinner with probably my
favorite family ever. The Nelson's are so loving and kind and just
accept everyone. They had us over for dinner and I could have stayed
there forever talking with them and seeing their kids run around.

Not too much else happened this week but while I was reading through
the Book of Mormon this week for our mission Book of Mormon reading
challenge, I came across a phrase that really stood out to me. It's
found in 2 Nephi 9:39- "Spiritually minded is life eternal". I still
don't fully understand what it means but sister deem shared this with

S- spiritually
M- minded
I- is
L- life
E- eternal

Just smile. Eternal life is one of the greatest gifts God has given to
us. He invites us to live with him again after this life. I love
smiling and laughing and anyone that has spent just a little bit of
time around me knows I can't help but just laugh at everything.
Finding joy in this journey of life is truly the greatest gift. That
doesn't mean that everything for me or you will be rainbows and
butterfly's but I know the challenges of life are made much easier
when we can rely on Christ. I have definitely found this to be true in
my mission.

Love Sister McCammon


Week 38 - Happy Memorial Day!! - 5/29/2017

What a week! Transfer week is always so crazy especially when something new is happening in your area.
Tuesday was our day to prepare for our new missionary. It was pretty crazy since we had to try and get a third bed in our place plus find more space for a third Sister Missionary's clothes. Oh man was it tricky but we seem to make it work! Wednesday morning was the day we would find out who our companion was and oh my dear was it nerve racking. We were almost positive that President would have us train the ASL sister but you never know what the Lord has in store for you.
We were waiting and waiting and finally President received a confirmation from the Lord that all of the companionships were exactly where they needed to be. Next thing we know every new missionary is matched up with their trainer.
Okay so my new companion! Her name is Sister Wilcox and she is from Huntington Beach, California. She is practically from home!! She is so cute and funny and is totally a Californian. She graduated from High school last year and has just been working since then. So coolest thing about Sister Wilcox is that she is the first missionary in our mission to actually be called to an ASL mission. She is so awesome and the members really love her. She is already so amazing that sometimes Sister Deem and I forget to train her because she's such a natural.
Don't worry though we're still training her haha
Being in a trio is so much fun. It's totally a different dynamic but I wouldn't change it for the world. Trio life is the best.
With the new transfer our area gained another ward wishing the Stake we are serving in called the University Ward. It actually covers all of the University housing and married students can come to this ward or the married student Stake. But I'm back at the University!!! I love it here! The ward seems really awesome too! We went to Sacrament meeting on Sunday and they were all excited to introduce us in front of the ward. This is the first time they have ever had Sister Missionaries in their ward! Can't wait to see what happens.
As for investigators we are seeing little miracles occur all around us. Ken and Jessica who were the ones that just showed up one Sunday to church. We haven't been able to get ahold of them for a couple weeks but we finally found them home on Wednesday night. We shared a quick scripture and then we found out that Ken has some kids that are hard of hearing and know ASL. MIRACLE!
One thing from being in this Area that has truly changed my life is American Sign Language. When I see things in ASL they just seem to make more sense to me and I feel the spirit so strong.  It has really shown me that no matter what language it is, whether you understand it or not, the spirit testifies of truth. He always has and he always will. Sister Wilcox was signing the first vision which the personal account, written by Joseph Smith, of when he prayed in a grove of trees. This is what happened:
"I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me. … When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spoke unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other--This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!"
As I watched her sign it all I felt the spirit com over me so strongly confirm to me that this truly did happen. I know without a doubt in my heart that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Joseph had a question and he went to God to seek and answer. We probably won't have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ come to us in person to answer our prayers but I know that he does answer them. When was he last time you prayed? And when you do pray do you believe that you will truly receive an answer? Why don't you try it! It won't hurt and honestly your Heavenly Father is just waiting to hear from you. He loves you and I love all of you too!
Love Sister McCammon

All of us trainers waiting to find out who will be our new companions
3 beds squished into our tiny room
Sister Wilcox's first dinner with the cutest kids ever!
The dream team aka Tream!

Sister Deem had a baptism for and investigator she taught a year ago and Drew is one of her old investigators who is getting baptized in July

Week 37 - TRIO Training - 5/22/2017

And then there were 3...
Today was transfer board day and Sister Deem and I will be getting a brand new missionary and training her together! We are so excited to be able to stay together and get a greenie aka new missionary. Plus, we are getting another ward called, the University Ward. So now, we'll cover 2 hearing wards and the deaf ward.
Not too much happened this week but we of course worked hard and had fun. We've been meeting with a lot of members in our hearing ward since we don't have a lot of people to teach. When we meet with members we share the message of the Restoration and ask them to pray for people that may be seeking for more in their life and that we could share a message of Christ with. One member, Becky Wilson, told us about her friend Mary who is from Holland and asked if we could go visit her. Becky even gave us M&M's to give to marry. We go and knock on Mary's door and realized we have knocked on his door before and she didn't want to talk to us but we tried again. We mention d Becky and that we have M&M's for her and she let us right in. She was great to talk with and loves Jesus Christ. She is getting pretty old and can't see very well so we are thinking we might go back every week and read the Bible with her. We love Mary!
As missionaries we usually have dinner with members and one day this week we had dinner with Sister Ina Watson! She is a very spunky old lady and loves the missionaries. She came over on the boat from Holland many many years ago and has lived in SLC ever since. She is so funny and is the most caring spiritual person. We loved having dinner with her and hearing all of her stories.
Sunday dinners are probably my favorite day for dinners with members.
Sundays are just great in general. We had dinner with Bishop Loosli who is the Bishop of the deaf ward and had my favorite soup, Broccoli cheese, and then we played apples to apples junior after. It was so much fun!
Then there's Phil! Phil has met with missionaries several times before but loves the Savior and Heavenly Father. He loves having gospel conversations with us. He and his wife, Beth, are moving to Hawaii this week and so we stopped by on Saturday because they were having a goodbye party. They texted and wanted us to stop by and so we went and said our goodbyes. He said Sister Deem and I can visit them in Hawaii whenever we want after our missions. Vacation plans have already begun haha.
The coolest part of this week was when we had Elder Lawrence Corbridge of the Seventy come and speak to us in what is called a Mission tour.
Its really just like a big Zone Conference with two other zones. He spoke on so many things and it was a day filled with learning. I wish I had every word he said written down but here are a few things that stood out to me:
1. This is Heavenly Father's work, and He gives it to us 2. Recognize how the Spirit speaks to me, so I can do this work the Lord's way 3. Make a difference and teach doctrine simply
I love you all!  Love Sister McCammon

The best 2 states in all of the US ❤️

Dinner with Sister Watson

I got to see Sister Gibb at Mission Tour... as you can see things really haven't changed between us!

Sister Lakaj, Sister Youngblood, Sister Deem and I at mission tour!

Last district meeting of the transfer aka the WOW district!

Always laughing and always eating ice cream 🍦

When a member cancels dinner back up plan is Tonyburgers!

A cat scratched me this week and my companion became my doctor. We didn't have any Band-Aids big enough so gauze and medical tape it was.

Early morning hike to ensign peak