Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 24 - "My mom has that dress" 😬 - 2/13/2017

Hi everyone!!

First things first! Shout out to one of my bestest friends, Cheyenne De Vera aka Sister De Vera, who is now officially a missionary! She is in the Provo MTC and will be heading to the Boise Idaho mission! I'm so happy for her and can't wait for her to get out in the missionary field and experience the joy that comes from bearing your witness of Jesus Christ.
So funny story of the week: We get to our dinner appointment and are waiting for them to finish cooking everything and one of their roommates walks out of the kitchen to say hi to us. As she is walking back in to the kitchen she turns back around and says, "My mom has that dress". I sat there for a second and honestly could not think of anything to say, so I was just like "oh awesome!" I'm still trying to figure out how to react to the situation and if that's a good thing that I have a matching dress with someone's mom but hey I'll just embrace it for now hahah.
Also, disclaimer from last weeks email. I really need to start reading through my weekly email so I don't accidentally put 'decimated'
instead of 'dedicated' disciple of Jesus Christ hahaha if you saw that last week just know that autocorrect takes over way to often.
This week was so great!! It went by so quickly and our area is picking up. Our area goes through periods where we have a ton of work and then like no work at all but it really is picking up this time. With the sun finally coming back out from behind the gloomy and dark abyss we have been just going out and walking around our areas (which are not that small) and visiting members and encouraging them in their own missionary efforts. There has just been a ton of walking! I love it!!
Our investigators are doing great! Yun is progressing so well and is praying about baptism. We walked out of her lesson and I said the Sister Latch that I truly am seeing her countenance change as she learns and build a relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. It's one of the best feelings as a missionary. Before her lesson we got Cafe Rio for lunch which means it's going to be a good day.
 On Saturday a miracle happened. Sister Latch and I have been earnestly trying to find a new investigator to teach. We are finding new ways to work with the members in our congregations and just going out and talking with everyone we meet. We were getting ready to go out for the day and we got a text message from a set of sisters that we work closely with. They said they had an investigator for us he wanted to meet that same day! I was so happy that I started bouncing around the house just being my weird overly excited self. We set up a time and met with him that night. His name is Jin xhi and he is from China. He is getting his PhD in Biology at the U and has gone to church several times. He asked the sisters that gave us his information if there was a young Ward with students that he could go to and it just happened to be our ward. He ended up coming to church yesterday and is already starting to make friends in the ward. He is so awesome and I can't wait to teach him again this week.
On Friday (a little out of order I know) we have our district meetings and this week it's just really stuck with me. We were talking about why it's important to invite people to church and how can we better teach and invite our investigators about the importance of Sabbath day observance. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the sabbath is a day of rest. It's a day to worship Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ and to recharge spiritually in a world that can be physically and spiritually draining throughout the week. We go to church for 3 hours every Sunday (unless you're a missionary in certain areas and go to 4 different wards which adds up to be about 7 hours of church). I grew up going to church almost every Sunday it's a day that I have always looked forward too because it's a day that I have to reflect back on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
 Here is what Bishop Dean M. Davies, First Counselor in the presiding Bishopric of the church, says about sabbath day observance from his General Conference talk called The Blessings of Worship:
 "Every day, but especially on the Sabbath day, we have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the wonder and awe of heaven and offer our praises to God for His blessed goodness and overwhelming mercy."
 "We ponder God’s word, and that fills our souls with light and truth.
We comprehend spiritual vistas that can be seen only through the light of the Holy Ghost. And thus, we acquire faith.
As we worship, our souls are refined and we commit to walk in the footsteps of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. And from this resolve, we acquire charity.
When we worship, our hearts are drawn out in praise to our blessed God morning, noon, and night.
We hallow and honor Him continually--in our meetinghouses, homes, temples, and all our labors.
When we worship, we open our hearts to the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
Our lives become the token and expression of our worship."
The blessings of going to church are innumerable! Try to make it a part of your week to show your love for the blessings God has given you throughout your week. The Sabbath day worship isn't something for just Sunday but will spill over into your week as we follow Bishop Davies counsel and make our lives a token and expression of our worship.
I love you all so much and miss you tons!
Love Sister McCammon
We were walking around and this lady drove by us. We waved at her and continued walking on when all the sudden she comes back and stops her car gets out and says, "Sisters! Let me take your picture so I can send it to your moms!" I love people like this haha so my mom got this picture during the week from a complete stranger while I was out workin' in the mission field.

My favorite dog and one of my favorite members ❤️🐶

 Classic bathroom selfie.... because why not.

Oh ya know just doing that missionary work on a beautiful sunny day!


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