Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 25 - Happy Belated Valentine's Day 💕 - 2/20/2017

Currently sitting here emailing you all from Dolcetti Gelato while eating mango banana gelato! It's so good!
 It's been a great week filled with miracles and blessings all around us. Had a great Valentine's Day celebrating the love my Savior has for me and each one of you!
Last Monday our entire zone got together and just played sports and had what we called a Top Ramon cook off. We got together with the companionships in our district and tried to make our best Ramon. My companion Sister Latch is from Malaysia and Ramon is a huge thing there. It's way more fancy and better than what I have ever had in my life. The judge was a student they found in the institute. My district thought we had it in the bag since we had our secret weapon (Sister
Latch) but nope... we didn't win. That's okay maybe next time.
Tuesday we had Zone Conference and talked a lot about our purpose and what we have been called to teach. We went over the new daily missionary schedule and our mission President challenged us to just go out and be out the entire day and see the miracles that come from it!
Sister Latch and I have taken this very seriously and are going to be out and just be the best missionaries that we can be!
Our investigators are doing great and we even found a couple more people to teach. On Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church which was so shocking but so amazing! They all really seemed to like it.
This week some our wards changed times and buildings. We used to have one ward start at 9am, two start at 11am and another start at 1pm. We have about 7 hours of church and we're able to at least attend one hour of each ward. But now, we have one ward that starts at 9am and three wards that start at 11am! Two meet in the same building which makes it a little bit better but it's just a crazy day for us. It went really well and the new building the two are meeting in was built in the 1950's! It's such a beautiful building!
At Zone Conference President Spendlove shared this acronym with us: (WITH)
Wanting an
Testimony of
How do we obtain this? Through so many tools and guides God has blessed us with. One way that I have gained an individual testimony of Him is by reading the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ! It allows us to receive answers to questions we may have and to come to know Christ. The Book of Mormon is a complementary book that goes hand in hand with the Bible. It's a book that has changed my life and is one way I a have come to know my Savior better. I encourage you all to find out what the book is for yourself. Rely on my testimony for just a little bit and exercise a particle of faith to come to know of the truthfulness for yourself.
 I love you all!
Love Sister McCammon
This was dessert top Ramon. Plus this picture explains all of our personalities.

Sister Lakaj and I. She's from Albania and is an amazing missionary!

Our STL's surprised us on Valentine's Day... we'll kind of. We caught them in action running from our apartment haha

I wish I took this but I didn't. I took this from Elder Weymouth. It's just so beautiful.


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