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Week 26 - "Today's Test in Tomorrow's Testimony" - 3/6/2017

Hi Family and friends!

I am officially in my new area with my new companion and I absolutely love it here! It's pretty funny because I live right across the street from my old area and so I really didn't go that far.

Who knew that a decision I made 7 years ago would affect me today. I was a freshman in high school and thought it would be really cool to take American Sign Language. I took it for two years in high school and then didn't really think anything of it. But now, 7 years later I have the amazing opportunity to serve as a full-time missionary in a deaf ward! I understand a lot more than I thought I was going to but I am still needing to learn so much more. I try and make small conversation and most of the deaf members are very understanding and patient. Just being at church yesterday I was able to pick up new signs to add to my vocabulary. At church, I got to sing the hymns by signing them and I felt the spirit so strongly. Although I don't catch everything they are saying I know that as I practice and put my faith in God to help me I will be able to get there one day.

My companion and I cover one other ward that meets in the same church building. It's not a deaf ward but English family ward and I love it there so much too! The kids are all so cute. I do have to admit though that it has been a little bit different than a quiet YSA Ward where everyone is between the ages of 18-30, like I'm used to. We've got ALL ages and I love it!!

Wednesday was exchanges and so we were just trying to get settled into our new apartment and figure things out and then off to our area we went.

Thursday we went out tracting and didn't find anyone that was interested but we did get to invite people to learn more about Jesus Christ and sometimes that's all people are ready for. Recently the
sisters started teaching a Book of Mormon class to some deaf members since it's hard for them to understand it. Today just happened to be the day that the class is held. My companion Sister Evarts isn't fluent in ASL either and so we were nervous on how we were going to be able to teach it. Only two people showed up and we had practiced as much as we could. By taught 1 Nephi 4 and they actually understood us and said we did a really good job! Sister Is carts did most of the signing so she deserves way more credit than me. I just know that the spirit did most of the teaching and helped us to know what to say. We then had dinner with the bishop of our hearing ward and he went to Cal
Poly Pomona. His wife is even from Glendale and so they new exactly where I was from.

Friday we had what we call Zone training meeting and I got to meet my new Zone. My district is really cool and pretty funny so I have no doubt that this is going to be a great transfer! This is also my
companions last transfer before she goes home so we've got a lot to do.

Saturday night we had dinner for the first time since I had been in the area with a family from the deaf ward. The husband was deaf but his wife and 2 sons were hearing. He and his wife are both from
California and they had a picture of the LA temple in their home and it reminded me so much of home and how my mom is a temple worker there. Arturo, was so nice and I was able to communicate with him a little bit but he asked me to say the opening prayer which means I needed to sign it. I was a little terrified and it was a prayer that a 2 year old could give but I tried. Since then I now try and sign all my prayers which has helped me learn a lot more.

Heavenly Father has truly prepared me for this area. I have had much anxiety as I am trying to get to know my new area and how to communicate with the deaf members but in the times that I feel over
whelmed and wanting to have a slight panic attack I turn to my Savior and ask for help. As I have done that I have truly felt His enabling power to help me see my potential and know that as I try my hardest he will make up the rest.

In one of the programs yesterday at church there was a quote printed on the front that says, "Today's test is tomorrow's testimony"

Heavenly Father gives us opportunities to learn and progress so that we may learn and grow. And that is exactly what I have seen in my life. All though I have had harder tests on my mission, being in an
area where I can't readily communicate with the members has shown me how to exercise patience (mostly with myself) and a reliance on my Savior. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me. As I continue on in my journey called life this scripture has become a part of me and I want you all to ponder it in your hearts as well:

Proverbs 3:5-6
5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Love Sister McCammon

I'm gonna miss Amanda! She started crying when I left. I'll be back in a year!

This is Kortney! She is literally the most amazing human being I have ever met.

These girls have easily become some great friends of mine. We're just missing Kassidee.

My stuff all ready and ready to be transferred. It's my first transfer on my mission!

The most amazing Sisters in the Cannon Zone, also my companion loves food and sleep just as much as I do so the picture was not a priority HAHA!!

Dinner at Bishop Dennison's house

It's kind of hard to tell from this picture but we were driving and got caught in a crazy snow storm. The power kept going out from the lighting and we both got a little scared when we couldn't see the lanes on the road. We made it home safe though!

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