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Week 28 - Conference Again?! - 3/27/2017

Where in the world did the month of March even go?! I cannot believe that it is almost over. But it's even crazier that General Conference is already here again. This is my second conference since on my mission and I just love actually being in Salt Lake City for it. 
 Nothing to exciting happened this week. We just did some of the usual missionary work and what not. 

Tuesday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and so Sister Evarts left and went with Sister Whitehead to their area and Sister Lakaj and I worked for the day in my area. I always love exchanges so much and I always learn so much. Sister Lakaj is just great! That same day during exchanges I got offered a job at the DI (Deseret Industries; it's a thrift store). We volunteer there at least once a week typically and the manager, Drew, said he was super impressed with how fast and efficient we were haha so he jokingly offered us a job. We replied by saying maybe we should finish our missions first haha 
Thursday was another great day! In the morning we went with Sister Ioasa and Yin to do some service at LDS Humanitarian Center. We helped quilt for a couple hours. These quilts get sent all over the world and help people in need. It was so much fun. So there is this member in the deaf ward named Amy Jo. I mentioned her in previous emails. Anyways, she is just so fantastic and I love her so much. We meet with her for our Book of Mormon class and a couple other things. So just like all other Thursdays we show up to teach our Book of Mormon Class and Amy Jo is the only one that shows up. We were just talking for a bit and talked a little about the chapter they were supposed to read. Next thing we know our dinner cancels on us and then Amy offers to take us to dinner. She took us to my new favorite restaurant ever! It's called Settebello's! Brother Bellio, my teacher in the MTC, would be so happy to hear that I went haha. Dinner was great and the pizza was amazing! To make things even more interesting though, the entire time we met with Amy and were at dinner, Sister Evarts and I had ear plugs in! Amy bought us some so we could wear them and experience what it is like to be hard of hearing. I went to a restaurant with ear plugs and it was actually quite peaceful. It was super cool to experience it and I feel like my signing improved in just that short little time. When talking to the waiter we couldn't tell how loud we were/ weren't speaking. Then that night, our hearing Ward had their Relief Society  birthday. We celebrated 175 years since it was organized! 
Since Gereral Conference is upon us again, the general women's session was this Saturday. Sister Evarts and I didn't think we were going to be able to go but we got tickets last second and we're able to make it! The speakers and talks given were so great and I learned so much. 
If you missed it you can watch it here:
 Sunday, as always, was great! In our hearing Ward we found out that this one guy was actually used in one of Elder Andersen's old talks from General Conference. Elder Andersen shared Brother Openshaw's story of faith as his parents and two siblings were killed in a private plan crash while he was on his mission in the Christmas islands. It's an incredible story! The deaf ward had Ward Conference and so the Stake Presidency and auxiliary leaders were there and we got to hear from them. It's kind of funny sometimes because usually the deaf ward is much louder than our hearing Ward. This was definitely the case yesterday. I got to say (sign) the opening prayer during the 3 hour and I was slightly terrified. I could have voiced it but I knew I needed to try and sign it, so I did. I just hope they all understood what I tried to say. We had dinner with the Case family that night and they seriously are one of my favorite families ever! 
Fun fact: I also finished the New Testament this morning during studies and I seriously do not know why I have never read it all the way through before! The New Testament is great! I'll be finishing the Book of Mormon before General Conference this weekend and then will start reading the Book of Mormon again and hopefully the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price! 
Here are some quotes I liked from the General Women's Session: 
Carol F. McConkie-
"Take time to be holy. Holiness is to become a saint of Jesus Christ." 
"We need to become holy even as He is holy"
Linda K. Burton- 
"Declare you witness, your certain witness of Christ" 
President Eyring- 
"The Lord promised peace in His way not the worlds way. He will send Peace through the comforter." 
"It's a blessing to be able to recognize our weaknesses. As we do we progress." Ether 12:27
Love Sister McCammon

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