Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 29 - Happy St. Patrick's Day - 4/1/2017

 Hi Family and Friends!
On Monday we had a super fun Zone Pday activity and just played sports and grilled some hamburgers. The weather has been so nice that we all wanted to spend the day out in the Sun. Since we were outside at Liberty Park I finally got to use my hammock that a member gave to me in my last area. It was pretty fantastic! I even used it the other day while we were doing studies at the park.
Tuesday we went and picked up my bike from the mission office. I woke up not feeling very well so it was a little bit of a rough day but I tried my best to go and do all that I could. We did service at the DI with all the sisters. We didn't have dinner that night and so I ate really quick and then went to take a nap and didn't end up waking up for like 2 1/2 hours. My companion wanted me to sleep but I resisted her early so she just let me sleep that night.
Not too much happened on Wednesday except we had a super cool experience when we went to go and do service. We went to the YWCA which is a women's shelter type thing for women and their children that have experienced domestic violence. They have a boutique that helps provide clothes for the women and children there and that's what they have volunteers help stock and organize. We walked into the building and then all of the sudden this women walked up to us and says I just prayed for missionaries. She was a member who wanted to find her church building for her ward. Plus she also had a friend that wasn't a member and wanted to come with her. The crazy part is that we hadn't planned to do service at the YWCA until like an hour before we came! We were able to help her find her ward and she was very grateful!
Thursday we rode our bikes for the first time! I am officially a missionary on a bike haha we still use our car but we both have our bikes and will be using them more often. That same day we were at the Salt Lake City Public Library to try and print a permission form for one of our investigators to go to an activity with the Young Women in her ward. While there, a women comes up to us and asks to take a picture for our moms to post on the Facebook Missionary Mom's page. Neither of our mom's are on the page but we still let her take it haha. We also had our Book of Mormon class that we teach to about 5 people in the deaf ward. The spirit helps us out a lot and the classes actually go really well and we all understand each other. My ASL is slowly getting there.
Friday aka St. Patrick's Day was pretty great. A sister ended up going home a couple weeks before originally planned because her grandpa passed away so we stopped by the mission office before she headed to the airport to say goodbye. After that Sister Evarts and I had our interviews with President which are always great! Had district meeting and then came home to work on some weekly planning.
Saturday was a great day! It was super nice outside and we just walked around our area for most of the day. We parked our car at the church building and were walking around. We stopped by and visited some members to share a message and as we were walking down this one street we saw people moving rocks in their yard and then we recognized that it was one of our investigator's wife.
We walked over, asked if we could help and they gladly accepted. They were worried since we were in nicer clothes about getting dirty but we didn't let that stop us from helping. We were outside for most of the day and when we got home that night we were so exhausted. I haven't had that much sun exposed in a long time and I got  a heat rash or something on my feet. The sun just really hates me. It's a perk of being a red head.
Sunday was a normal Sunday. I really love our wards and getting to go and worship with the members. Before the 3rd hour of church started in the deaf ward, one of my favorite members Amy Jo, came up to us and gave Sister Evarts a name sign which is totally legit because a deaf person gave it to her. She is still thinking of mine because it's a little harder to come up with something but I'll let you all know when she does. That night I got one of the greatest calls ever. My old companion Sister Latch called to let me know that one of our investigators is getting baptized on April 8th!! Jin Xhi is getting baptized and I couldn't be happier for him! I am excited to go back and see everyone. I'll make sure to take pictures.
One thing that I have been thinking of is how I came to know the Gospel is true. I was born in the church and was raised Mormon. Many would think that's why I'm still a member today but it isn't. I've struggled just like a lot of people I have taught on my mission so far. An investigator that I taught in my last area emailed me and said she had an experience this past week where she knows God is real and she can't deny it. We all have trials that help us reach a point of pure joy. A pure joy of coming to know who God is. That doesn't mean we have everything else figured out but when we feel of His love and awareness of all of us it's so powerful. Just as it was for her. This investigator is easily going to be a friend for a long time and I can't wait to see her continue on her journey.
"Happiness is the object and design of our existence"
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Love always Sister McCammon

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