Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 34 - Temple Day! - 5/2/2017

Today we had Pday instead of on Monday because we got to go to the temple! It was amazing and I just love the temple. Literally on a mission is many things happen in one week that I just can't remember them all and then I go to write all of you on Monday and I never have enough time. So today I have decided to just stick to bullet-points.
So here I go...
-the mission is still amazing. I have never been happier and I have had more of a confirmation in the past week that this where I need to be than I have had my entire mission.
-daily planning miracle: it was last Sunday and we had this one family, the Nelsons, in to go and visit. They are very active m bets and since we are trying to get to know the ward better we thought we would stop by. They are seriously the greatest family. We ended up sharing the Prince of Peace Easter video (one of my favorites ever!) and there son Jospeh during the part when it talks about Jesus Turing water into wine says, "why would he do that!" We all laughed a little but it was a valid questions haha
- My companion and I go running almost every morning and it's been super rainy this week which means that we ran in the ran. Does that makes us officially Utah residents yet? People here are way to fit.
- We made it to the last week of the month with just 18 miles left and that was on Tuesday! So we decided to leave our car at home and see is we could get around using, trap, the bus and people who would give us rides. Don't worry we didn't hitch hike. It was super fun and we made it everywhere and didn't have to use our car till Sunday! Our adventures of the week we're using public transportation! We only took the wrong bus once
 - While tracting one day we ran into a man that told us he was on a Spiritual vacation. I don't think that's a good thing. But
- Volunteered at the Soup Kitchen again and helped feed the homeless in SLC. I love volunteering there. And then because we weren't using our car Sister Denison, Bishops wife, picked us up and took us to Paradise Bakery for lunch! She's so sweet!
- A member in our ward, Brother McDonogh, served his mission in Canada and his mission President was President Monson!
- the Relief Society had a cooking demonstration at Sister Miller's, the RS President, house and we learned how to make scones and sugar cookies. Yummmmyyy! They both contained my favorite ingredient...
SUGAR haha

- This weekend was full of baptisms! They are so awesome to go to!
Sister Deem and I both had a baptism in our old areas. Sister Deem was serving in Rose Park before his and she taught this little girdled named Savana and she got baptized on Saturday! And then in my old area Kiersten got baptized! It was absolutely amazing to be able to be there to see Kiersten enter into the waters of baptism and become a member of this church! President ended up coming to Kiersten's baptism too and when she enter the font I was standing by President and I just had an ahah moment that this is my mission. I am on a mission inviting others to come unto Christ and follow him by being baptized and Kiersten did just that. She is amazing and I love her! I wish you could all meet her!
- Another coolest thing happened this week and her name is Jill Strasburg. Jill is so amazing! She sells the cutest jewelry. I followed her Instagram before my mission and when I found out she was in my ward I about died. So on Friday we went over and visited her and she is making us some jewelry! She made us bangle bracelets and also a gold bar necklace!
-We've found a couple new people to teach and are having fun while doing it. sister Deem and pretty crazy together but I love my mission more than anything in the world. I know that this is exactly where I need to be and that Heavenly Father is proud of me. Prayer and scripture weren't very important in my life before my mission but they are my necessities now! I cannot go a day without praying and reading.
Even if it's just a prayer of gratitude.
I love you all. If you ever have questions or want to know more about what I'm doing on my mission feel free to email me.

Love Sister McCammon

Sister Nit, Jenkinson, Deem and I at the Soup Kitchen!

Starla and Pamela. Literally my two favorite people ever! Members from the deaf ward.

Rainy Day

President Hinckley's House that he grew up in.

Our adventures with public transportation

Tracting on Monday!

Temple Trip!

Helped Brother Herd cut some wood!

Savana's Baptism!

Kierstein's Baptism!

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