Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 30 - "Look up to Jesus Christ" - 4/3/2017

Hi Family and friends!

This weekend was probably one of the best weekends I have ever experienced, in my life! And no I'm not being over dramatic, this is serious. Haha anyways, For those who may not know, this past Saturday and Sunday was General Conference. It takes place twice a year and each time we get to listen and receive counsel and inspiration from the leaders of the LDS church; our living prophets and apostles on the earth today.

There were 35 talks given, all prepared through direct inspiration and revelation from God. They are messages that we, all of us, as God's children, can benefit from and receive comfort and direction while living in perilous times.

One thing that really stood out to me throughout all of Conference, amongst several other things, was that fact that we do live in perilous times. The world is a crazy, scary, dangerous and unpredictable place and sometimes if I think about it too much it scares me. But one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned and still continue to learn everyday is that God knows me and as I look up to Him, He will protect me and help me in troubled times.  
 If you want to watch Conference and didn't get the chance to do so you can go here and watch it. I highly suggest it! 
 I got to see a ton of people from my last area and it just made me so so so happy! I love them all so much and I'm so grateful that I got to see some of them.  
Also the church just put out a new Easter initiative. It's a great video that shows how Christ is the Prince of Peace. #princeofpeace check it out on 
Other news this week: 
Monday we did service at this place called the Good Samaritan. There is a lot of homeless people in Salt Lake City and the Good Samaritan provides 3 meals to those who are without food. We helped make sandwiches and put sack lunches together with donated food that the LDS church helps provide and many other organizations. 
Exchanges Part II- Wednesday one of our Sister Training Leaders was sick and had to take their car to the Senior missionary that is in charge of the cars, which meant that I got to go with the other Sister Training Leader, Sister Lakaj, and be with her for most of the day. I got to go to some of their meetings and it was actually really fun. 

We had our Book of Mormon class this week and we had 2 people show up this week but that's because Amy Jo fell and broke her ankle! We went to visit her after the class to see if she needed anything and just to keep her some company. She had surgery this past weekend so we're going to go back and help her clean her house this week. 
We had an awesome meeting with our ward mission leader in the deaf ward. He wouldn't let us voice and could only sign. It was pretty great and we were able to understand it all. He is really great and wants to help us find people to teach and those in the ward. During our meeting he got a phone call and gave the phone to Sister Evarts to answer
 Saturday we helped one of our investigators that we haven't been able to meet with for a long time move paver stones to their front yard. It was a lot of work but they really appreciated the help. Plus, we got some Pie pizza out of it so it was pretty great. After that we went and watched the Saturday afternoon session with a couple members, Javier and his mom. Javier is one of the calmest (chilliest) persons I have ever met. 
Conference was by far the greatest highlight of my week. One more conference left on my mission and thinking about it, it really makes me sad good thing I don't have to worry about it for another 6 months. 
Love Sister McCammon

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