Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 3 - Headed To The Best Mission Ever - 9/13/2016

Hi Family and Friends, 

I've got to keep it short today because well, I leave for the mission field in literally less than 3 hours. I am so beyond excited to finally get out there and share a message about Jesus Christ with the people in Salt Lake City. Plus, I will finally get to meet my mission president and his wife!

This past week has been amazing! I finally got over my cold which was a tender mercy from the Lord. That one bad day last week turned into an amazing week overall and I got to hear from two apostles of the Lord within 5 days! On our Tuesday night Devotional Elder Christofferson came to speak to us and then on Sunday Night Devotional Elder Ballard came to speak to us as well. They were both amazing talks and it was so amazing to feel the spirit from them. 

The hardest part of this week was this morning. As I am preparing to leave for my mission this afternoon, others from my district left this morning to head to Logan Utah. All the sisters except me left and we all became so close. It was so hard to say goodbye. One elder was leaving as well and it was just as hard to say goodbye to him. They all became my family over these past 3 weeks. 

During one of my class times this week my teacher wrote a quote on the board. She said, "Have a testimony of a testimony" #SisCarlcred . How cool is that! We need to build a testimony of the importance of having a testimony. This have been so true to me personally while here at the MTC. Getting prepared to leave the MTC and essentially head back into the real world is kind of frightening but one thing that I know that will help me in the rough times is my knowledge or testimony of this Gospel. Having this knowledge I don't want to keep it for myself. I want everyone to feel the joy that it has brought to my life and what better way to do that than to dedicate my life to serving God and sharing his message. 

I love this church with all of my heart and I know that it is true because of the experiences that I have had all throughout my life. I have an amazing family who is willing to give me up for 18 months just so that I can help other families be together for eternity. 

Goodbye MTC... Hello Salt Lake City, Utah!

Sister McCammon

PS. The Minion picture is for my dad hahah

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