Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 5 - "I'm already freezing"- I'm not in CA anymore - 9/26/2016

Things in Salt Lake City are going great! Hows it going everyone?!

This week was amazing, as usual, and I look back on it and can't even remember everything that we did. Each day is so jam-packed with things to do from 6:30am to 10:30pm but it is so worth it. 

There is officially snow on the mountains and it rained for 2 days straight during this week, which means this California girl is already freezing. My rain jacket came to go use and tights for the win!

A couple highlights from my week would have to be I went to my first baptism as a missionary and I was able to attend the Women's General Broadcast at the Conference Center. 

Maryam was the one who got baptized. She was Sister Gibbs first investigator that she got to teach and all day Sister Gibb was so happy and excited for her. We felt a little rushed because we got the days mixed up and that it was this Saturday but got a txt from her asking if she would see us at 1pm (which was in about and hour from when we got the txt). We hurried and called President Spendlove because she was getting baptized outside of our mission boundaries, but he had not problem with us going. It was amazing to see her baptism. I literally got the chills and was overjoyed for her decision to follow Jesus Christ. Sister Gibb and I were asked to give a short presentation on the Restoration while she was getting dressed and I loved every second of being able to have that opportunity at her baptism. 

That same day we got to go to the Women's General Broadcast and hear from some of our leaders of the Church. For anyone that doesn't know what this is, it is a time when all the women in the church have an opportunity to gather, either at the conference center or at their homes or church building near by, to receive guidance and counsel that can help us get through the challenging times we all experience. It you have not watched it yet go to right now and watch it! IT WAS AMAZING! President Ucthdorf gave an amazing talk on faith, and it really hit home for me. We went with a couple girls from one of the wards that we cover and it was great to get to know them better.
Our name tags overlooking Salt Lake Valley- Ensign Peak
Heres a direct link to the website: 

This morning was awesome. My companion and I hiked Ensign Peak, which is where Brigham Young looked over the valley and planned out the city. It was a beautiful view and so peaceful. We did our morning studies there and I felt the spirit so strong. 

I finally got some Ice cream!!!!! So my companion decided to sneak a picture haha
One thing that I really liked studying this week was who Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father really were to me. I went to the scriptures and studied about their nature, I prayed for guidance, and searched the counsel that our living prophets and apostles have given us. All in all I came to the conclusion that the Nature of God= Happiness. Happiness is one thing that He wants for us all and he placed us each where we are so that we can find happiness and progress. Before coming on my mission I thought I was a pretty happy person, but I literally am so much happier everyday being in the serve of my God. Yes there are the challenging and hard times that we all face but I cannot put into words how happy I am. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST MAKES YOU SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

Read Alma 41:11- it talks about the nature of man and the nature of God. Its pretty great.

I still miss everyone back at home so much but know that I am sending my love to you all.

Sister McCammon
Sister Gibb and I at the General Women's Broadcast

Sister Gibb and I at the General Women's Broadcast

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