Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 18 - Happy New Year 🎆 - 1/2/2017

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you had a wonderful start to 2017! I know I have! It has been
weird to think that this entire year I will be on my mission but I
couldn't be more excited to see what this year has in store for me.

I typically hate making New Years resolutions because I either forget
about them in a week or I do what many people do and do really good
for a couple months and then just crash and burn. The more I thought
about it though, I realized that I make new resolutions every week! As
a missionary I set lots of goals for my area and me personally. We set
monthly, weekly, daily goals and personal and companionship goals and
even transfer and exchange goals. I am constantly making goals. So I
decided that I would set some goals for this year but only if it would
help me come closer to Christ. I'm still working on some of them but
maybe I'll put them in next weeks email.

Last P-day we had a Zone activity and went on a tour of the Conference
center and then went to watch the three new stories of Meet the
Mormons in the Jospeh Smith Memorial building. A lot of our
investigators have been gone still so we didn't have a ton of lessons
but we had a ton of success while tracting. We have 7 potential

On New Years Eve, my Mission President allows us to watch one Disney
or Pixar animated movie with our district. This is a huge deal for us
missionaries since we don't get to watch movies like this at all while
on our missions. After some serious consideration to what movie we
were going to watch we chose, Emperors New Groove!!! We went over to a
members house and watched it there and had a great time. Oh and this
member had a home theater so you know it was good.  I forgot how funny
that movie is.

We had Zone Conference this week which also meant that we had
interviews with President Spendlove. I love Zone Conferences. I also
love President Spendlove. I know I was called just as much to my
Mission President as I was to my mission.  I always feel so uplifted
and edified after. We got to watch Mr. Kruggers Christmas and either I
have seen it or I just don't remember but I started to tear up while
watching it. I highly suggest you watch it. I don't want to spoil it
but there was one part that really resonated with me. He said
something along the lines that he felt the Savior walking by his side
throughout the hard times in his life. He bore a strong testimony of
the love and divinity of our Lord and Savior. It's officially one of
my new favorite Christmas movies.

After we watched the movie we all got to share our testimony about our
Savior. I felt the spirt so strong and knew that the Savior was right
by my side and has been by my side throughout my entire life. I know
my Savior lives. "He is the way, the truth, and the life" (John
14:5-6). In the words of President Spenser W. Kimball, "He is my
friend, my Savior, my Lord, my God"

Sister McCammon ❤
Me and Sister Jensen during exchanges 

Sister Gibb and Sister Whitehead being their typical goofball selves while ending exchanges 😂 

Waiting for our interviews with President Spendlove 

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