Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 16 - "For unto us a child is born... and his name shall be called Wonderful" 2 Nephi 19:6 πŸŽ„ - 12/19/2016

Hi everyone!!!


I can't believe that Christmas is this Sunday. How crazy is that?!?!

This week we have seen so many amazing miracles. We had exchanges on
Thursday and Sister Whitehead came into my area. We were out finding
some of the people that used to meet with the missionaries that lived
in our area and we left a #LIGHTtheWORLD pass along card tucked into
their door. We left and thought nothing of it. That is until the next
day when we got a call for a girl named Aizey and she says she has not
gone to church in over a year and wants to start coming back. We met
her on Sunday and sat with her all throughout church and we are even
going to the lights at Temple Square with her this week.

 When we following the guidance and direction given to us through the
Holy Ghost, God will place people in our paths that may be seeking for
our help.

Had Chick-fil-a on Thursday for dinner with a member and I forgot just
how much I love it haha I haven't had it since I was in the MTC! I
miss having one right down the street from my apartment.

We had several amazing lessons this week and now that finals are over
at the University we are hoping that we can still find people to
teach. If not, we will patiently wait till January when the new
semester starts. Charlee headed home to Washington and we got
permission from President to FaceTime with her so we can still teach
her while she is home for the break. She is so amazing and even got
Sister Gibb and I a little necklace as a Christmas gift before she
left. We just love her. Andres made it home safely to Colombia and
emailed us this week making sure we don't forget about him.

I look back on what I was doing this time last year and all throughout
2016 and I literally cannot be more thankful for all the blessings
that I have had in my life. I was blessed to be able to have a job and
go to school at the beginning of the year. Then I was blessed to be
able to receive my mission call to Salt Lake City and then shortly
there after go to the temple and make more covenants with my Father in
Heaven. I have been blessed to be able to serve as a full time
missionary for the last 4 months and I am excited for what the next 14
months have in store for me. Most importantly I have been blessed with
the knowledge of a loving God who knows me and wants what's best for

In church yesterday someone said this quote that really stood out to
me, they said, "The World says, show me and I'll believe, but Christ
says, believe and I'll show you"

How often do we find our selfs having to see something first in order
to believe it rather than exercising our faith?

I have never seen my Saviaor but I KNOW that he is there. I KNOW that
He lives and knows every challenge, pain and trail that I have and
will go through. This Christmas season is because of Him. Without
Christ we wouldn't have a day called Christmas, it would just be
another random holiday. Another thing to remember is that without
Christmas we would not have Easter. These two days are so crucial to
us all because they testify of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Book of
Mormon is another testimony of Jesus Christ and how we can live with
Him again. I invite you all this week to read the scriptures, whether
that's the Book of Mormon or New Testament but to read about Jesus
Christ. Read about His birth, His earthly ministry or when He appears
as a resurrected being. As you read finds way to build in your
relationship with Him.

I love this quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer from the May 2003 Ensign:
"Keep the fire of your testimony of the restored gospel and your
witness of our Redeemer burning so brightly that our children can warm
their hands by the fire of your faith"

I hope you all can take time this week to reflect on the true meaning
of Christmas and grow in your faith and witness of your Savior Jesus
Christ, who lived and died for you. "For unto us a child is born..."

Love always, 

Sister McCammon

Sister Whitehead and I on exchanges. Oh and Joe Jonas photo bombing in the background. 

Robin (the one in the plaid shirt) is heading home to South Korea this week. We will miss you Robin πŸ‘‹πŸ» also, don't mind Ben and the weird face he is making haha

Lights at Temple Square

I love these sisters so much 😘

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