Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 19 - Have More Faith ☀ - 1/9/2017

This week just flew by!
Sister Gibb and I trekked through a lot of snow this week and had some
great experiences together. On Monday it was snowing and that night we
thought it would be a good idea to go out walking around one of our
areas in the snow. It wasn't that cold and the snow was so pretty. We
were walking to go see a lady we had previously given a pamphlet too
and instead ran into this lady named Ingrid. She was so cool. We were
talking to her and she said that she was walking to the university
which was a couple blocks up and asked if we wanted to join her.
Sister Gibb and I looked at each other and said sure! We talked for
about an hour and at the very end of our conversation we were able to
answer some questions she had and to teach her about eternal families.

It then proceeded to snow several other days this week but then get
very warm and now the snow is melting and it feels like spring. The
weather in Utah is so weird! But on another note, Sister Gibb and I
got to do some service by shoveling some snow for people which was a
first for me.

Last Monday for P-day my entire zone went to this thing called Get Out
Games. You are locked in a room (all the Sisters were together) and
you have hour to find all these clues, solve the 'puzzle' and then get
out. The Sisters were the only ones to get out. It was so much fun. I
usually am really bad at problem solving but when you have 6 sisters
in one room trying to beat the clock and the Elders you seem to find
quite the motivation.

We got to teach two guys from India this week. One was just visiting
his friend who studies at the University but they were very interested
to learn more about the church. Yesh grew up Roman Catholic and
Kumaran, who is the one studying at the U, grew up Hindu. We taught
them all about the Restoration and at the end invited them to be
baptized when they came to know these things are true. This is where
the pause for affect comes into play or the awkward silence whatever
you would like to call it. Yesh said yes he would if he comes to know
the church is true and Kumaran said no because his family wouldn't
approve. We totally respected that and are hoping we can go back and
read some of the Book of Mormon with him. That same day we were
knocking on some doors at an apartment complex and this guy answers
and proceeds to tell us that he knows more about The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints then we do. We were taken very off guard
and proceeded to bear our witness and testimony of our Savior, Jesus
Christ, and our loving Heavenly Father. He very willingly offered to
have an argument and we kindly declined. From this experience I
learned that there are some people that are just very rude but at the
same time are unwilling to read the book, the Book of Mormon, that
will answer your questions and help you come to know if the things we
preach are true. If anything, this encounter made my testimony grow

Saturday was very spiritually filling. We took two of our
investigators to a baptism that the Elders in our Stake were having.
The guy getting baptized was so prepared and was seeking to find
meaning and purpose in his life and did through the Gospel of Jesus
Christ! This gospel brings meaning and light to the lives of those who
are seeking it and it's amazing to see the faith that people have when
they get baptized. Throughout the service there were several times
when I felt the spirit so strongly. I had my own spiritual
confirmation that the covenants I made when I was 8 and got baptized
have directly affected my life and impacted my relationship with God
ever since. Later that day our investigator, who is now being taught
in Draper, tetxted us and said she wants to be baptized in
February!!!! We are stoked and are hoping when and official date has
been chosen we can get permission from President and go to her

Have more faith. Rely more on Christ. Grow to learn and love Him. He
knows you perfectly and is reaching out to all those who are seeking
purpose in their lives. The Book of Mormon answers questions from our
hearts and the Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us to continue to learn
and grow everyday but relying and building faith in Jesus Christ. Be
strengthen and guided by the plan that God has for you.

Have a great week! Love you all.

Love, Sister McCammon ❤

All the sisters in my zone at get out games

Snow ❄️ 

When your companion is allergic to Gluten and Dairy and a member feeds us both of those things for lunch. Poor Sister Gibb was not feeling to well so I thought it would be good to document. 

Elder and Sister Porter finished their mission this week. They will be greatly missed but served a good mission! 

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